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Canada's practical aid program to developing countries and Central and Eastern European trading partners. TFOC has on file a company profile, price lists, and photos or brochures received from these foreign exporters. You are invited to contact the exporters directly, or ask TFOC for additional material relating to any of the offers.

Trade Facilitation Office Canada

Other Government Agencies

Online database of financial providers for small-and medium-sized businesses, as well as a source of useful resources to help build your financing knowledge.

Government Programs for Canadian Manufacturers

Provides financial and consulting services to Canadian small businesses, particularly those in the technology and export sectors of the economy.

The Business Development Bank of Canada

Helps Canadian businesses export and invest in 200 markets worldwide by providing financial and risk management services, including export credit insurance, financing and guarantees.

Export Development Corporation

OSFI regulates and supervises more than 130 deposit-taking institutions in Canada, including domestic banks, foreign bank subsidiaries, foreign bank branches (both full service and lending branches), trust companies, loan companies and cooperative credit unions.

Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions


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